Download the PDF of Bootstrap Grammar


The Bootstrap Grammar PDF is 77 pages and is 10.2 Mb file size.

This PDF (Portable Document Format) has no security on it and can be downloaded, opened and printed as you see fit. This version of the PDF contains some electronic indexing and page-to-page linking for your convenience. To get to a specific section quickly, go to the Table of Contents (pages 3 & 4) and click on a topic to immediately navigate to that section.

Although you can use other PDF applications (Apple’s Preview application for example), for best results we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for both the Mac and PC).

I encourage you to share this program with other educators; but I would ask that you please send them to the website for the materials rather than e-mailing just the PDF (to ensure that others receive the most current version of the PDF and/or test manual).

If you have any problems downloading, opening, or printing this document, please e-mail me and I will provide you with an alternative link (and as much technical support as I am able).

I’d also like to ask you to help me make this a better resource for educators and students. If you have the time, please share your successes, anecdotes, and even failures with this program. With your help we can make this an even better tool to help our students understand and avoid common errors in writing.

Thank you.

Jean M. Samis

Click here if you are looking for the Bootstrap Grammar Test Manual.

Version & Revision History

As of Sunday, April 03, 2011...

Revisions were made to pages 13-17 in Chapter 2, and to pages 58 and 59 in the Answer Key in the Bootstrap Grammar PDF.

Revisions were made to pages 1, 5, 8 and 10 in the Bootstrap Grammar Test Manual PDF.

If you have a version of either of these two PDFs that you downloaded before April 03, 2011, please download those documents again.

Thank you.